UMass Lowell - Perry Hall

Product: Source Crisscross Lounge chairs, Botte chairs, and Martini chairs. JSI Collective Lounge chairs

Fulcrum Research

Product: Tayco Cosmopolitan

Constitution Capital

Product: Jofco Collective


Product: Tayco Cosmopolitan

Danvers Motor Company

Product: Tayco Metropolis, Source Seating

Stonehill College

Product: Source Seating - Cache Stools, Traxx Lounge, I Flex Chairs

stone1 stone2

Pioneer Investment

Product: Jofco Collective Office, Broadcast Series Seating. Nucraft Saber Tables & Performance Credenzas

pio1 pio2 pio2 pio2

Pega Systems

Product: Nucraft Dialog product, Conferencing tables, and Arena Seating

pega1 pega2 pega3


Product: Jofco Collective Casegoods


Daussault Systems

Product: Nucraft Fleet training tables and Saber Conference tables

University of New Hampshire

Product: Integra seating, Jofco Lounge, and Nucraft Casegoods and Conferencing products


Product: Jofco Casegoods and lounge products

Salem State University

Product: Source Seating

Boston University

Product: Tayco Up